Hybrid cloud – onsite and offsite computing

 The hybrid cloud is a combination of onsite and offsite computing that maximizes your internal assets whilst leveraging external cloud services.

Many businesses have been hesitant to move into the cloud, unaware that hybrid clouds are a game changer in the truest sense of the word. There are many reasons for this hesitancy with the main concern being that whilst cloud computing has proven of great benefit to companies, it is not without its risks.

These risks are related to the accessibility, security and availability of external resources held on public clouds, as opposed to private clouds. So whilst private enterprise clouds can be designed to address all of these issues and firewalled from the rest of the internet, this still begs the question of whether a hybrid cloud deployment will be of benefit to your organisation.

Currently, a hybrid cloud offers companies the best strategy to future proof their business with a focus on organisational growth, as well as ensuring that they remain at the forefront of technology.

How can a hybrid cloud infrastructure benefit your business?

In essence, hybrid clouds give you the flexibility of using the public cloud, your own private cloud and an in-house dedicated server. This means that as workloads change and different resources are needed, you can match the right solution to the job, moving between platforms seamlessly.

The benefits of hybrid cloud technology are clearly in costs, improved security and organisational growth.

Cost benefits of a hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud technology offers a significant reduction in capital expenditure, due to the mix of onsite and offsite computing, which reduces your need for in-house hardware. In addition, hybrid clouds propagate a more efficient use of IT resources and are infinitely scalable. This means that instead of paying fixed costs for bandwidth you don’t always use, your costs will reflect your usage.

Security benefits of a hybrid cloud

The combination of onsite and offsite computing addresses many of the security and compliance issues resulting from the use of public clouds. For example, instead of running payments applications on isolated dedicated servers you can utilise the high performance of a private cloud and process transactions faster in a secure environment.

Organisational growth benefits of a hybrid cloud

The ability to position your company in the vanguard of technology presents a major step forward in future proofing your business. The hybrid cloud gives you the power to rapidly bring your products or services to the market without large upfront investments and to test new capabilities and technologies by leveraging the vast resources of the cloud.

What can the RBC Group offer your business?

At RBC Group, we make the transition to a hybrid cloud environment fast and seamless. As IT providers, we have the skills and the knowledge to create a customised IT infrastructure that maps the deployment of your organisation’s transition to the cloud.

We work collaboratively with IT leaders to create an environment where multiple stakeholders and technologies can come together as a cohesive whole. This innovative ecosystem provides the opportunity for you to exploit new business opportunities and optimise your portfolio for future business growth.

For more information on the benefits of hybrid clouds for your organisation, call the RBC Group on 1300 857 164, email us at info@rbc.com.au or complete our online enquiry form.