On Premise Managed Technology Solutions

There is no doubt that cloud based services are becoming more attractive to organisations. However there is no one-model-fits-all solution, with many businesses maximising their existing On Premise IT infrastructure, whilst investigating the benefits of a cloud based service for possible future growth.

This means that many organisations are aware of the benefits of cloud computing, yet an On Premise delivery model still suits their needs for the foreseeable future.

What are the benefits of an On Premise IT infrastructure?

With our experience in delivering a diverse range of On Premise managed services to organisations around the world, we have seen a great many advantages to retaining an On Premise infrastructure.

In the vast majority of cases, an organisation that benefits from maintaining a wholly On Premise IT infrastructure are those who already have an established IT support network with a robust backup strategy and security protocols.

So these businesses have a supporting network, which is either optimised for remote workers or centralised for local workers, whichever suits their organisational model best. They also have all the required software licenses in place and have invested heavily in the more traditional IT components, such as servers and software applications, data storage facilities, disaster recovery, network connectivity and remote access, and rely heavily on highly customised IT services.

To sum up, when a business relies on complex integrations with other applications, which change over time and are typically dynamic in nature and they operate from a capital expense perspective, then an On Premise IT infrastructure can be the more favourable option.

Optimising your On Premise infrastructure with the RBC Group

The RBC Group provide a diverse range of On Premise managed services to our clients, which are fully customisable and provide a holistic environment for core applications and IT services, without undue capital expenditure.

In essence, we optimise your IT infrastructure and maximise the return on your investment of your existing IT capital expenditure. Our optimisation techniques can include hardware, such as in-house servers and workstations, storage and backup solutions, virtualisation and telecommunications networks (WAN) and security strategies.

Specifically, we design an On Premise strategy for your organisation, based on four essential components, which are fully customisable, depending on your requirements:

·       Core virtualised server solutions with high availability and fail over strategies.

·       Storage Area Networks with data and system backups and recovery strategies.

·       Tier 1 firewalls and application layer security.

·       VPN and web access high speed links.

Regardless of whether you are installing new IT infrastructure on site or simply maintaining or improving your existing infrastructure, the specialist consultants at the RBC Group will help you select the best hardware and software for your needs and design a configuration solution that meets your future goals.

With the RBC Group on your team, the value of your existing IT infrastructure will be maximised without adding to your organisational workload, ensuring that your existing investments are secure.

For more information on the benefits of On Premise managed computing solutions for your organisation, call the RBC Group on 1300 857 164, email us at info@rbc.com.au or complete our online enquiry form.