Environmental sustainability leads to future growth

Environmentally orientated businesses are the way of the future, a fact that is both recognised and embraced by some of the best performing national and global enterprises around the world. It goes without saying that in today’s financial market, that sustainability in the workplace is not only good for the environment, but is also of vital importance to future business growth.

The RBC Group fully supports sustainability services in Australia

Did you know that globally, more than 60% of CEOs believe that within 5 years, sustainability issues will become a key issue in business practices and will forever change the way we do business? Even more illuminating is that nearly 80% of CEOs believe that embracing sustainable business practices will be crucial to future business growth.

 This means that if your organisation has not fully embraced sustainable and environmentally-conscious office practices as a core business tactic within the next five years, you will quite likely lose your competitive edge.

The RBC Group is fully committed to social responsibility and sustainability in the workplace. This is the fundamental reason why we help our clients to reduce their carbon footprint and at the same time, reduce their operating costs.  

How environmental sustainability in the workplace can benefit your organisation

Optimising sustainability services in Australia is a win-win situation for both the environment and for your bottom line. The RBC Group understands the complexities involved in maintaining your organisational growth, whilst at the same time trying your best to incorporate environmentally conscious practices into the workplace.

The payoff is definitely worth the effort however, because there are three solid benefits from becoming an environmentally orientated business:

  1. A reduced carbon footprint: We help your organisation to lead the way in environmentally sustainable practices by either promoting the use of clean energy wherever possible or offsetting your carbon footprint. Examples of offsets include your organisation’s electricity consumption or the units generated by catching a plane, both of which are very simple strategies to increase sustainability in the workplace.
  2. A reputation for being socially aware: Becoming known within both the local and the global community as an organisation that not only promotes, but fully embraces environmentally friendly practices greatly enhances your reputation. The general public, your employees and customers and even your stakeholders, all have an opinion on sustainability and expect your organisation to be at the forefront of sustainability services in Australia.
  3. Greater profits: We help you to understand the current state of your carbon footprint and how we can reduce not only this element pf your business, but also your existing operating costs and your overheads - by embracing sustainability in the workplace. To this end, we create a customised process optimisation plan tailored to your specific needs, so that your current operating procedures and practices are boosted and your costs are minimised. 

Our commitment to your organisation’s environmental sustainability

The RBC Group is committed to helping you reduce your carbon footprint, develop sustainable practices and increase your bottom line. We achieve these goals by promoting environmentally sustainable management practices, for example, introducing new print policies and reducing energy consumption within your organisation.

In the end, you will have an environmentally sustainable strategy that will not only grow with your business, but will also limit your environmental impact, while reducing your overheads and increasing your profits.

For more information on how you can introduce environmental sustainable practices into your organisation, call the RBC Group on 1300 857 164, email us at info@rbc.com.au or complete our online enquiry form